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Advice on Growing Site Traffic from Someone Who Has a Platform and Writes for a Publication that Already Gets Traffic: B.S.!

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I just read a piece with advice on growing traffic to your website. It was written by the editor of a leading magazine. A magazine that already generates significant traffic. And the site has a link to her blog. I know that the editor is only trying to help readers, but her advice on how to grow your site’s traffic is B.S. Why?

 She is blogging for a site that already gets traffic!!!

Now this editor does have a personal site that is separate from her publication’s blog, but guess what… the publication’s blog has a static link to her personal blog! And, even without that link, people would still go to her site because she has a platform! She is the editor of a leading magazine!!

This type of advice can be very frustrating. Why? You’re doing everything the person said to do and you’re still only getting fifty views a day and you’re wondering why.

Generating traffic from scratch when you’re unknown is THE hard part. If you follow advice given to you by someone who has a platform and whose site is already getting tons of traffic, you will only get disappointed.

A person with a platform advising you on how to get traffic to your site, without first telling you how to build your platform, is full of B.S. Okay… Maybe I shouldn’t say that she is full of B.S., but her advice is.   

And when you’re blogging on a site that gets traffic, to get your share of the traffic, all you have to do is come up with a title that gets people’s attention. I know because I blogged on The Huffington Post and Chief Marketer’s Big Fat Marketing Blog. When I started my own blogs, if I had expected to get the same traffic I was getting on those sites, I would have been depressed. Let me put it this way…

If a site is getting tons of traffic and you create a blog for your cat on that site, people will click on it just to see what it’s about. Now if people find your cat’s blog entertaining, your cat will continue to get tons of traffic. And if you then open a Twitter account for your cat, people will follow her. And if you make a fan page for your cat, people will “like” her. Why?

Because the hard part, generating traffic to the site, was handled!

Do you understand what I’m saying? Does this make sense?

If you want advice on how to grow your traffic, take it from someone who was actually in your current situation. If you’re an unknown and you’re getting ten visits a day, get advice from someone who was unknown, didn’t have a platform, and still grew her site traffic from ten to 10,000. Don’t get advice from someone who has a platform and who writes for a site that is already drawing thousands of readers.

While the person may mean well, the advice is B.S.


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August 5, 2011 at 12:01 am

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